Wednesday, August 25, 2010



Tilt were a punk band from the East Bay, California, USA who formed in 1992.[1] Their first album, Play Cell, was released by Lookout Records they would soon after get signed to Fat Wreck Chords, which the rest of their albums were released by.[2] The band consisted of Cinder Block (vocals), Jeffrey Bischoff (guitar), Pete Rypins (bass), Vincent Camacho (drums). Their song "Crying Jag" appears on the soundtrack for the 1996 movie Glory Daze.[3] Tilt broke up for a short time in 1996 but reunited in 1997 with Jimi Cheetah of Screw 32.[4]

Cinder Block was also the lead singer for Retching Red and Fabulous Disaster.

band: Tilt (fat wreckchord)
saiz: L
kondition : A
Harga : RM35 + pos Express

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