Monday, January 10, 2011

UNDOWN (japan band) saiz XL SOLD

A Japanese supergroup often put in the category of Hardcore (or Metalcore) though their style is individual. Some fans also call their music 'Ninjacore' due to the hertitage of the band. Forming in 1998 with members from several prolific heavy Japanese bands. Members are Yamada and Bitch from Geronimo, TORUxxx from The Mad Capsule Markets (formerly a member of Star Club a Japanese punk band) and Kenji from Uphold. Since their forming they have released two full length albums and one seven track ep. Vocals Yamada. Guitar, Vocals TORUxxx. Bass, Vocals Bitch. Drums, Vocals Kenji. the music is often rather heavy, but the band also show a comical side also.

BAND: UNDOWN (japan band)
HARGA: rm 45 (nego)

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